In the early hours of Kakadca, there are hundreds of people in the racket.

In the early hours of Kakadca, there are hundreds of people in the racket. Everyone busy with fish. There are big, medium, small-type fish. The bargain is going on. The fish sold at wholesale rates are being caught under the ice chains in the wooden box, in different markets of the capital. This famous fish market is in Swarighat in old Dhaka.
Today, at around 6:30 in the morning, it is a picture of the sketchy fishghat of Swarighat. It is said that this is the oldest fish fish in Dhaka. This market became saragram in the days of the buyers and sellers of the day. This fish is sold at Tk 50 to Tk 100 per kg in different areas of the capital.
Fishery market in Swarighat of puran Dhaka. Today is the image taken on Monday morning. Photo: Nazneen Akhteramachara businessman. Golam Hossain was busy with the staff, with drummer Pangash fish. These fish bought from Comilla. Bought about two tonnes of pajas at Tk 90 a kg. Hopefully all fish will be sold in a short time. He said, fish traders from other markets in the capital bought wholesale these fish. According to the size of fish, he is selling at Tk 100-120. A little more was found in the name of another vendor name. He is selling leech fish at Tk 80 to Tk 1000 Fish has been kept for the artist. Today is the image taken on Monday morning. Photo: A lot of space and noise in front of Nazneen Akhtaram The polythene bag filled the fish in the auction was sold. He bought a small sandy fish at a price of 130 taka at the auction Prophet He told this reporter that he would sell this fish in the market near Hazaribagh bridge. Having been in this profession for 13 years. Ramzan said, he is selling every Kg curfu fish at Tk 140. The fish will be sold at the nearest market price of 160 to 170 taka. He is selling Katla fish from 150 to 250 taka. Haji Md 40 year old fish trader Nasiruddin was seen to sell shrimp fish only. He brought about 160 kg of lobster shrimp from Khulna. They are selling 480, 500 and 580 taka per kg.
Buyer-seller bidders are running. Today is the image taken on Monday morning. Photo: Abul Hasnat, president of the Naznin Akhterchampitali Fisheries Management Committee, said in the first light that this layer was built on almost two bighas of land. Every day, buying fish at wholesale rates sells traders across the capital. Shafiqul Islam, the acting secretary of the committee, talks with the fishgate. Claiming the fishghat of Swarighat is about 75 years old. He said, he has been doing business for 40 years. His parents also did this business. Showing around, he said, here are 70 to 80 fish traders. Trading depends on the supply of fish. If the supply is sufficient, then on average 25 to 30 lacs of fish are sold every day. An average of 400 species of fish are being sold every day. Fishes came from fish in Barisal, Bhola, Jessore, Khulna, Mohonganj.

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